Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Will Zac Efron Return For "High School Musical 4" After All?

The legions of fans who follow Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron have been in mourning for the last six months, as Zac and co-stars Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale have repeated over and over that "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" will the last adventure for the current cast of the successful Disney franchise.

But the rumor mill has gone into overdrive as word has leaked from Life and Style Weekly that Zac may actually play a role in the next sequel "High School Musical 4".

According to the popular tabloid magazine, Zac Efron may return as Troy Bolton in the next sequel of the movie sensation that made him famous.

Efron has been telling interviewers for months that HSM 3 would be his last, but celebrity gossip spies report that if there is a place for his character, and the price is right, he may make another appearance in HSM 4.

"Zac is thinking of a salary in the $8 million to $10 million range, but it depends on how "High School Musical 3" opens and how interested Disney is in wanting him back." a source told the publication.

So is Efron sending up a trial balloon in hopes that Disney snaps up his offer?

There have been concerns that after the current class graduates there may be little interest in forthcoming "High School Musical" movies, as viewers may not connect with the new incoming class.

But if Efron were able to still be part of the process, say as a graduate assistant or being hired as a teacher or drama coach for a year before he heads of to college, a story could be developed with Zac as a mentor for the new students. It would be a more adult role for the actor who may find breaking out of the teen idol mold difficult.

You never really know how things roll in Hollywood, but if Disney is scared that "High School Musical" may fade into history, what better way to try and stave off the decline then by keeping a hit star and key player around to draw in the current fans.

We suspect we have not heard the last of this rumor, and will keep you informed as to what we hear down the road.

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