Thursday, August 21, 2008

"The House Bunny" Opens With Laughs - Review And Movie Trailer

You can always tell when summer is drawing to a close - the caliber of movies really starts to drop. Gone are the days of "Iron Man" and "Indiana Jones". So it goes with "The House Bunny"

Starring Anna Faris, Colin Hanks and Emma Stone, the late-summer flick tells the story of Playboy Bunny's, dumb blonde jokes, and socially outcast girls who need a beautiful blonde to get them out of a bad spot.


When Shelly (Anna Faris), a Playboy Bunny and longtime guest of Hugh Hefner at his Playboy Mansion, is thrown out after nine years, she has nowhere to go and needs a job. She decides to become a housemother at a local University sorority, and falls in with the girls from Zeta Alpha Zeta.

The rag-tag members of the sorority - who also have got to be the seven most socially clueless and obscure women on the planet - are about to lose their house, and need Shelly and her sex appeal to help them stay on campus. Unless they can sign a new pledge class, the seven socially lost girls will lose their sorority house to the scheming girls of Phi Iota Mu.

In order to achieve their goal, the girls need Shelley to show them the ways of makeup, love, flirting, sex and men; at the same time, Shelley needs some of what the Zetas have - a sense of individuality.

The combination leads all the girls to learn how to stop pretending and start learning who they really are.

"The House Bunny" won't win any Oscar Awards, but it you need some way to kill a few hours, you may want to check it out. You will laugh at a few of the jokes. You will enjoy the view, and probably talk about it at the water cooler tomorrow!

Watch Anna Faris In "The House Bunny" Movie Trailer

You can also catch Anna Faris starring opposite Topher Grace later this year in the comedy "Young Americans", a story that follows an aimless college grad who pursues his dream girl at a wild Labor Day weekend party. He, his twin sister and their best friend struggle with their exploding adulthood over the course of the evening.

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