Friday, August 22, 2008

"Hamlet 2" Opens - See Early Review And Movie Trailer

"Hamlet 2", is a little movie that's getting big laughs. The film centers around a failed actor and failing high school drama teacher who thinks of himself as a playwright. Needless to say, he is the only one who thinks this way.

Plot: Dana Marschz (Steve Coogan), plays the failed, untalented actor, who also works as a drama teacher for a high school in a Tuscon, Arizona. When he finds out his much-loved drama department is going to be shut down, Marschz tries to save the day by creating and writing his own play - a sequel to Hamlet, featuring exotic time machines & a cameo by Jesus.

Review: From the first scene of the film, showing clips from Marschz not-so-successful early show business career, which included a herpes cream commercial and a small role on "Xena: Warrior Princess", to the ending credits, you will find a lot to laugh at in "Hamlet 2".

Coogan's character, Dana Marschz, is able to be both funny, and emotionally moving at times, as the character is able to show genuine sadness.

Marschz's scheme to save his failing drama department is to write and stage his own version of "Hamlet". His play is so completely over the top and bizarre, especially when he appears as Jesus Christ and performs a musical number called "Rock Me Sexy Jesus", that the faculty tries to stop the production.

The supporting cast is also convincing, especially Elizabeth Shue who portrays a caricature of herself, and also notable is Catherine Keener as Marschz nasty wife. Keener's got a real talent for comedy. David Arquette plays the couple's dim-witted house guest and also adds to the cast, and Amy Poehler plays an ACLU lawyer, with some really funny lines as well.

If you don't have anything to do next week you should plan on seeing "Hamlet 2". It is a harmless comedy that anyone can watch.

Watch "Hamlet 2" Movie Trailer with Steve Coogan


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