Friday, March 8, 2013

VIDEO - Justin Bieber to Photographer – “I’ll Beat The F**k Out Of You…”

Justin Bieber Fight London Hospital Video 2013
Justin Bieber ready to fight photographer in Londan

Justin Bieber is having a bad week to say the least.

First, he was ridiculed by the London Press for being a troublemaker, and then caused a scene at a London club when one of his underage friends was not allowed into his 19th birthday party.

Then, Bieber passed out at his show last night and after finishing the last four songs was rushed to an area hospital where he was treated and released.

Bieber tweeted a shirtless picture of himself from his hospital bed.

Justin Bieber Hospital 2013 London Breathing Concert Video
Justin Bieber in a London Hospital after breathing problems

And after being released from the hospital, Bieber had a confrontation at his hotel with a photographer where the nasty words flew just like it was a Chris Brown movie!

Bieber was running to his van when a photographer bumped into him and started yelling assault - and some other pretty nasty things at Justin.

The paparazzi told Bieber to “Go back to America”, amoung other things, when Justin jumped from the van yelling, “I’ll beat the f**k out of you…”

Watch Justin Bieber Threaten Photographer

And back in the United States one of Bieber’s friends, Lil Twist, wreck his chromed out Karma Fisker car and then fled the scene…

All in a day in the life of Justin Bieber!

We suppose all this excitement will now prompt Bieber to get yet another tattoo to commemorate his time in the U.K.

Justin, you need to take a break bro...

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