Tuesday, March 12, 2013

PHOTO – Harry Styles Gets HUGE Butterfly Tattoo on His Stomach

Harry Styles Gets Butterfly Tattoo One Direction Moth Photo 2013
Harry Styles of One Direction gets ANOTHER tattoo!!

One Direction band mate Harry Styles has added his biggest new tattoo to date – a butterfly!

Harry’s butterfly tattoo runs across the 19-year-old’s stomach and so far has not been seen in public by his fans.

In fact, the only way anybody has seen it was because the tattoo artist himself posted a photo to his Flickr account immediately after his work was done.

Harry Styles shirtless showing his new butterfly tattoo Photo 2013
Harry Styles shirtless showing his new butterfly tattoo

Experts say Harry’s new tattoo is what is called an Atlas moth witch is actually a Zebra Swallowtail butterfly.

Harry already has about 30 tattoos including swallows, his sister's name written in Hebrew, cities his band has performed in, crucifixes and 17Black, James Bond's lucky gambling number, a ship, the words “Might as well”, and various stars and other odd shapes and figures.

Looks like Justin Bieber has a long way to go if he’s going to catch up with Harry Styles!

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Harry is not the only One Direction member with tattoos but does seem to be the one getting the most.

The new ink was not seen in January during a live show where a shirtless Harry Styles showed off his abs so that means the new addition was done sometime over the last 45 days or so…

Go get ‘em Harry!

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