Friday, March 1, 2013

VIDEO - Justin Bieber Gets Bieber Bat Bike from His Dad for His Birthday - #BieberBatBike

Justin Bieber's Bat Bike Birthday Present from Dad Jeremy 2013 Video
Justin Bieber's Bat Bike Birthday Present from Dad Jeremy

Pop singer Justin Bieber turned 19-years-old today and is now the proud owner of the first ever “Bieber Bat Bike" Motorcycle.

The Bat Bike motorcycle was a gift from Justin’s dad Jeremy and his siblings Jaxo and Jazzy.

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The Bat Bike features the number “6” which was Justin’s hockey number, an inscription noting his 35 million Twitter followers, and a replica of Justin’s crown Tattoo.

Within minutes, Twitter was overwhelmed and the hashtag #BieberBatBike was a number one trending topic worldwide.

All I have to say is I wish MY dad would have got me a bike like that for my Birthday.

But alas, I would probably be dead if he had.

I hope Justin doesn’t meet that same fate.

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