Thursday, September 13, 2012

VIDEO: The “X Factor” Kicks Off New Season in the USA – Results: Better Than Expected

X Factor 2012 judges. Demi Lovato, Spears, Cowell, and Reid

For those who have been waiting for X Factor season 2 to debut in the USA – the wait is over.

The first show of the new season kicked off with a revamped panel of judges that included Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid, and Simon Cowell.

X Factor Judges Britney Spears Demi Lovato Season 2
New judges Britney and Lovato
And of course producers would not let you forget that it was the X Factor who found and created the latest boy band sensation with “One Direction”.

As much as the U.S. seems to hate Simon, he actually seems to have gotten the message and has mellowed somewhat.

Yes, there were some expected awkward X Factor moments.

Like when the cross dressing male dressed in a wedding gown tried to sing his heart out, and when a 50 year-old tried to sing his original song about picking up young girls in bars called “Cotton Candy”.

22-Year-olX Factor d cake decorator dressed in drag singing Lady Gaga
22-Year-old cake decorator dressed in drag singing Lady Gaga

But it’s clear the focus of the revamped show is to find young talent as most of the contestant’s seemed to be under 25 years old.

One stand-out young man was 13-year-old Reed Deming, a Justin Bieber look-a-like from San Antonio Texas who seemed to cringe when being compared to Bieber.

X Factor 13-year-old Reed Deming Video
13-year-old Reed Deming
Reed seems to have it all – good looks, good voice, and a very easy going personality and it's clear why so many people want to compare the singer to pop sensation Justin Bieber.

He seems a lot like a young Greyson Chance in a lot of ways and we’re excited to see his performances in the upcoming weeks.

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In fact, Greyson Chance took to his twitter during the show to say,

"Reed Deming looks like me when I was twelve! I can't wait to see him kill it. Go for it bro!! And that sunset boulevard song was pretty kick butt. I am a fan! Two thumbs up!!! #xfactor"

After starting to sing Bruno Mars “It Will Rain” with some pretty shaky nerves, Simon stopped him and gave him another chance with “Grenade”. And Reed Deming nailed it.

Watch Reed Deming on X Factor singing Bruno Mars

Another standout of the night was the young boy band trio called “Emblem 3” who sang an original song called “Sunset Boulevard”.

X Factor judge LA Reid seemed to initially think performing an original song was a mistake but quickly changed his mind after hearing the boys sing.

Watch Emblem 3 perform their original "Sunset Blvd"

From what we have seen so far this year looks 100% better than last year. The judges seem to get along and the technical glitches from last year are history.

X Factor Simon Cowell
X Factor Simon Cowell
However, Simon Cowell is still Simon Cowell and America has a love hate relationship with him so it’s unclear how many viewers will stick with the show for the entire season.

All the media hype aside, we never saw any drama between Demi or Britney like what has been written about in the press, but there were moments when you could clearly tell that portions were preplanned and scripted to make them look natural and spontaneous.

As much as we hate to say this…. We’ll probably continue to watch this season.

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