Thursday, January 5, 2012

PHOTO - Justin Bieber Gets New Tattoo of Jesus on His Left Leg

Justin Bieber and dad Jeremy shirtless on the beach!
Well, our favorite world famous pop star is at it again….

Justin Bieber just showed off his new leg tattoo of Jesus yesterday while frolicking on the beach shirtless with his dad Jeremy.

And this is not Justin’s first tattoo either...

He already has a small Jonathon Living Seagull tattoo on his waist and a Hebrew symbol tattoo under his arm that stands for “Jesus”.

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Justin temporarily sported a star tattoo on his elbow last year but that one turned out to be only a temporary ink blot.

Bieber’s new leg tattoo is based on the image of Jesus called "Ecce Homo" or "Behold the Man" - the word spoken by Pilate. The eyes are generally depicted looking upward toward God.

(Click any image for a full size, full screen slide show)

Justin Bieber's NEW Jesus Leg Tattoo
Justin's "Behold the man" Jesus leg tattoo 2012
Justin and his dad Jeremy were spotted on a beach near Los Angeles and JB was running around shirtless showing his trademark grey underwear and you could clearly see the Jesus leg tattoo with the naked eye.

As far as we can tell his dad didn’t indulge in this undertaking like he has in previous tattoo adventures.

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So, by our calculations considering the number of current tattoos and his current age, we suspect Justin will look like Chris brown within 5 years if somebody doesn’t stop him.

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