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VIDEO: Meet Reed Deming - 13-Year-Old “X Factor Star” and Justin Bieber Look-A-Like - PHOTOS

Reed Deming performing on the "X Factor" Video and Photos
Reed Deming performing on the "X Factor"
Last night was the season 2 debut of the U.S. version of Simon Cowells X Factor singing competition show, and one thing has become clear…

The producers and judges are looking for the next young Justin Bieber style breakout star.

And one contestant stood out from the crowd: 13-year-old Reed Deming.

13-year-old Reed Deming
In what looked almost scripted instead of spontaneous, Reed Deming began his X Factor audition by singing Bruno Mars “It Will Rain” but Simon stopped him and criticized his nerves.

Cowell let Deming try again with “Grenade” with a piano track that mysteriously just happened to be ready and queued up.

Reed Deming kind of looks like Bieber, sounds like him, and sings like him… But Deming seems to cringe at the very comparison to the pop singing sensation.

In fact, during the introduction in the following video, X Factor producers played Bieber’s “Boyfriend” as the background audio to reinforce how much they expect from Reed.

Watch Reed Deming perform on the "X Factor"

Reed Deming is from San Antonio Texas and it is clear he lives a life being compared to Justin Bieber.

Deming has been singing for a while and is no stranger to the stage or the music business.

Reed already has his own professional website, Facebook page, and YouTube Channel and his bio says Reed was born with singing and music in his DNA.

So who is Reed Deming?

Deming’s musical style can be described as alternative pop or alternative rock, and he is inspired by artists such as One Republic, Coldplay, Maroon 5, and Paramore.

Reed writes his own original songs and also plays guitar, saxophone, dances, and acts. He already has a manager and has already made several TV appearances on local news shows and talent competitions.

Deming has received a number of record deal offers, and was recently a finalist in Simon Fuller's “Boy Band for the Next Generation” nationwide search, and participated in a recent “Kidz Bop” nationwide talent search.

Reed Deming Photos - Click any photo for Full Size HD Slideshow

In June 2011, Deming won Best Overall Performance at the Septien Entertainment Master's Class competition at the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas.

Septien Entertainment is known as  "The Genius Factory" and has helped  launch the careers for such artists as Demi Lovato, Jessica Simpson, Ryan Cabrera, Nick Lachey and many others.

Reed recently signed a management deal with John Gomez of Silver Tongue Management and is currently in the studio working on new material and his first EP - which will be released late 2012.

Reed Deming - 13-year-old X Factor singer and Bieber look-a-like
Deming is also an actor and just finished shooting the lead role in the latest music video for Universal Recording artists “Forever the Sickest Kids”.

Needless to say, if Reed Deming doesn’t go through on the “X Factor” he already has a nice career path laid out for him becauase he is not going away any time soon!

At just thirteen you won't be seeing a shirtless Reed Deming on the cover of the teen idol magazines, but you will be hearing his name more and more over the next few years.

Good luck on the X Factor Reed and we’ll see you at the top!

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  1. He looks, acts, and sings much more like Greyson Chance then Justin Bieber... Reed coould be Greyson's little brother!!!

  2. Reed deming is one of a kind he isnt like any other celebrity.

  3. looks a lot more like chase ellison to me

  4. Reed Deming is my bestfriend . Not like a fake "wanna be" bestfriend, but like literally my bestfriend. i have known him since he was 4. He has grown so much, and says its a great thing to be compared to Justin and other artist, but wants to be his own artist. Thanks 4 reading . (:

  5. Hi guys. This is Beatrice, and as you all know, i have gone out with Reed. Although we broke up and are no longer friends, he deserved to get through to X Factor as i do. So no hate on him, and i still love you Reed even though i broke your heart. <3


  6. Best if luck and wishing you a flourishing career in the future!!!

  7. @reeddeming and @hschroering are my child starlet role models for life!!!!!!

  8. I love Hannah schroering and Reed deming and Jade pettyjohn. how can I become like them??????


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