Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Video - Michael Jackson’s Dead Body Shown in Court Along With Slurred Speech Tape – Bombshells!

Dr. Conrad Murry in Court

Yesterday kicked of the Conrad Murray murder trial. Murray is accused of killing Michael Jackson with an overdose of the drug Propofol in 2009.

The proceedings yesterday included the opening statements by both the prosecution and defense teams and the battle lines have clearly been drawn.

The prosecution says Dr. Conrad Murray killed Jackson and the defense says Jackson killed himself by self-administering the Propofol on top of a terrible Demerol addiction.

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There were a few bombshell moments during the proceedings yesterday such as the following photo of Michael Jackson lying dead on a hospital gurney at the morgue.

Michael Jackson Dead at the Hospital

That really set the stage for the day, but another piece of evidence was presented by the prosecution that actually seemed to play into the hands of the defense.

They played an audio tape of Jackson the first day Murray took over as his Doctor showing the singer slurring his speech in what is clearly some type of drug induced stupor.

Some felt Dr. Murray recorded Jackson to document the “current state” that he found Michael, and others felt there were more nefarious motives.

Regardless, this case is truly going to be the trial of the century.

If anything it is shedding fascinating insight on the process of producing a huge concert tour with a huge World famous artist who is deeply troubled and addicted to drugs.

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