Friday, September 23, 2011

Video - Justin Bieber Gets Into A Street Fight and Flashes his Purple Underwear!

Bieber fighting in the street
Justin Bieber was hanging out in Los Angeles yesterday and really drew a lot of attention.

First, he was spotted hanging out at the new Hollywood Chick-fil-A on Sunset Boulevard where he hiked up his shirt and showed the paparazzi his purple underwear.

We’re not relay sure how he even keeps his woman’s pants up when they sag so low but purple underwear has kind of become his trademark.

And are those Spanks we see under his shirt?

Actually, the Biebs was getting fitted for a microphone pack by the guy standing behind him and you can see the mic wire running up his shirt.  

Justin Bieber flashed his purple underwear in L.A.

Then Bieber got into a fight on the streets of L.A.!

Kind of…

Justin spent the rest of the day with his pal Ryan Goode filming a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about bullying and street fighting.

Part of the segment was filmed for everybody to see and that shot included Bieber acting like he was being bullied and getting into a fight.

One witness says the shot the scene almost 20 times before moving on to other business.

So rest easy fans – it was all for the camera!

News also slipped out yesterday that Bieber’s new Christmas album with Boyz II Men and Taylor Swift will be released on Halloween.

We can only imagine the millions that will fly off store shelves to be wrapped and put under the tree for Christmas day.

That’s why he’s famous.

And he knows what his fans want, and he knows how and when to give it to them.

Oh yea, next week Bieber heads out for his South American segment of his “My World Tour” and has just announced additional dates and cities.

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Bieber also says his new album “Believe” is coming along nicely and should be out soon.

He says he will work on it while on tour and put the finishing touches on it once he returns to the United Stated later this year.

Does this kid ever stop?

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