Monday, August 15, 2011

Video - Devastated Justin Bieber Fans React in Monterrey Mexico – SOLD OUT


Justin Bieber no sooner announced that tickets to his Monterrey Mexico concert were going on sale – and they sold out.

In 26 minutes.

That’s not what thousands of disappointed Mexican fans wanted to hear.

The following video shows what happens when you have been waiting in line for two days in 100 degree temperatures, and just when you get close to the front of the line – BAM.

Sold out. Your dreams are shattered.

Even though the video is in Spanish, devastated disappointment seems to be a universal language and it is very clear what is happening.

Watch Justin Bieber Fans React To Sold Out Show

As we reported earlier, Bieber and his team have recently announced his My World tour dates for South America.

This leg of his tour is scheduled to start September 30th in Monterrey Mexico at the “Arena Monterrey”.

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You can see the devastation on the faces of these kids so hopefully Mom and Dad will be grateful enough to drive them to Mexico City on October 1st or 2nd for one of Bieber’s two shows there.

Ah, the price of fame. Everybody wants you.

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