Thursday, September 29, 2011

Video - Hundreds of Fans Descend on Justin Bieber’s Christmas Video Shoot

Just one day before hitting the road to resume his “My World Tour” in South America, Justin Bieber got quite a surprise.

It seems that Bieber and his team were at an undisclosed location shooting video for his upcoming Christmas Album and Video when fans discovered what was going on.

Within minutes, fans started to crowd around the area where the production was taking place and started cheering and screaming.

Production had to be halted for a short time so Bieber could address the crowd and try to bring order to the set.

So what did he do to calm everybody down?

He started singing Christmas songs and encouraged the crowd to sing along with him!

Justin took to his twitter account saying,

“Pretty wild yesterday. we didn't even say our location and thousands of people showed up. my fans go hard! #goodtimes”

Here is a video of  how it went down...

After belting out a few Christmas songs the crowd was asked to stay quiet and move back from the immediate area and filming continued.

At one point Justin was seen dancing the “Dougie” with the actor playing Santa Clause.

Tomorrow Bieber and his team head to Mexico for the start of his South American Concert tour.

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Bieber’s Christmas Album will be released November 1st and Amazon is already taking preorders.

We suspect brisk sales and millions of happy teenage girls Christmas morning as they discover something besides mistletoe under the tree with their name on it!

Also this week Justin had the chance to visit with his dad Jeremy Bieber and his younger brother and sister Jaxon and Jazzy.

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Merry Christmas boys and girls!

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