Monday, July 25, 2011

Photos of Justin Bieber and His Dad Jeremy Getting Hebrew Jesus Tattoos – Ouch!

We knew it! We knew sooner or later the pictures would surface.

You know what they say – like father like son.

InfoStar has just run across a few pictures of Justin Bieber and his dad, Jeremy, getting their now infamous Hebrew “Jesus” tattoos a few months ago.

Most fans knew that Justin already had a Jonathon Living Seagull tattoo on his lower left belly, but he surprised us last month while on vacation in Hawaii with Selena Gomez by showing off his new Hebrew script Jesus tattoo under his left arm.

We seem to sense a pattern here.

Now Jeremy and Justin both share a seagull tattoo, the Hebrew “Jesus” tattoo, and their newest creation was the five pointed star on their left elbow.

We first saw the star tattoo while Bieber was visiting home in Stratford last month and actually got photos of BOTH Justin and Jeremy sporting their 5 pointed star tattoo.

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Just looking at his dad Jeremy you can see where the Bieb’s gets his ideas from. The seagull tattoo is a family tradition with all the Bieber males when they turn sixteen.

It appears that the two are patching up the old wounds of his dad’s divorce when JB was only 18 months old.

Justin has been very vocal about the divorce and the pain it caused the family – and even wrote the song “Down to Earth” in an effort to get his feelings out.

But until recently we didn’t know a lot about his dad Jeremy – until we started doing a little snooping…..

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It’s good to see the two getting back together but hope Justin doesn’t go overboard with the ink. We don’t want him to start looking like his mentor Usher, or worse yet – Chris Brown.

Slow down JB. Take your time and enjoy the ride.

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1 comment:

  1. These pictures disturb me. Aren’t tattoos forbidden by Jewish custom?

    I didn’t think Jews were even supposed to write the Word for God and they don’t believe in Jesus in the first place.

    Looks like dad may be a bad influence. Run away Justin…. Run!


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