Monday, January 30, 2012

VIDEO - Justin Bieber to Host “Saturday Night Live” This Year – Has He Got The Funny?

Justin Bieber visits with Wayne and Garth from SNL
A lot of celebrities who host SNL say it is the apex of their career - and it signifies the top of their game and popularity.

So when news broke that Justin Bieber is on deck to host Saturday Night Live during 2012 we had to wonder… will he be a good host? Can he bring the funny?

And we think the answer is a resounding YES!

In fact, Bieber has already proved he can be funny. Just ask Tina Fey from when she hosted SNL a while back and did a couple of funny sketches with Bieber.

See? We think he has the funny – and that sketch was from when Justin was only the musical guest for the night!

Bieber has also done funny parodies with Jimmy Fallen as well. Remember the “Someday” commercial parody?

Bieber DOES have a sense of humor - and he can be funny when he wants to.

In fact, we think Bieber would be an excellent host for SNL and we will definitely watch it.

Head Honcho Lorne Michaels and mega host Alec Baldwin say that not only will Bieber host during 2012 but he will ALSO be the night’s musical guest,

“The biggest names in the business are coming here thirty-something years after SNL's debut to host the show. Ben Stiller, Melissa McCarthy, who won the Emmy award, and Katy Perry’s coming and Jimmy Fallon, who’s double-dipping on your payroll, Jonah Hill, and I don’t want to ruin any other names, but Justin Bieber’s confirmed, he’s the musical guest and the host.”

This could be good. We see possible sketches about the pregnant mom and baby scare, Belieber problems, Selena problems, tattoo overload, and others.

It almost seems endless!

Kudos Justin. A hosting gig on Saturday Night Live is well deserved and we’re sure you’ll do great!

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