Thursday, December 22, 2011

Video - Justin Bieber Funny Moments Caught on Tape – Hilarious!

Justin Bieber and his funniest moments caught on tape!
The one good thing about being the biggest superstar in the World is that everything you do is probably caught on tape.

And Justin Bieber is no exception!

The following video compiled by belieberforever100 shows Justin Bieber’s funniest moments caught on tape during 2010-2011.

Thanks to all who contributed their time and energy to put these videos together - we should all go subscribe to their YouTube Channel to show our appreciation!

It’s all here – the first mustache, the Penguieber, the backstage horsing around, the good interviews gone bad, the sprinkler, the coning, the Derrick Bieber, and tons more.

These are truly some of the funniest moments of the Bieb’s at work since he became the most famous person in the world.

And if that’s not enough to tickle your funny bone then here is another one compiled by Cutietutietal that goes back even farther in time.

And just make sure you have had enough Bieber funny for one day we are including a third video by Jbieberwolfpack that includes just about everything else not covered elsewhere.

There. That should hold you.

We do make one observation however, and we don’t mean this in a bad way, but it seems that Justin was much funnier and carefree in his younger days.

Perhaps the last few years of intense media exposure and heavy work schedule has taken a little bit of the luster off the whole World dominating superstar thing…

We’re just saying…

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