Friday, November 11, 2011

Video - Rick Perry Gets Lampooned By Jimmy Fallon AND David Letterman

Jimmy Fallon as Rick Perry
Well, nobody ever said running for President was easy - just ask Rick Perry.

After Perry’s disastrous display at the last presidential debate where he FORGOT the third government agency he would close down, the late night comedy world took aim at him for a few laughs.

First, David Letterman did a hilarious Rick Perry Top Ten List of Excuses.

One of the funniest lines was “Hey, you try concentrating with Mit Romney staring at you… that’s one handsome dude.”

Now there are two words we thought we would never hear in the same sentence – Justin Bieber and Rick Perry!

But the laughs didn’t stop there.

Jimmy Fallon also took to the makeup chair for one of his best parodies to date to spoof Perry and the other candidates in a new series of GOP presidential campaign ads.

But Fallon didn’t stop with Rick Perry. He also went after Michele Bachmann, Mit Romney, and Herman Cain.

Leave it to Fallon and Letterman to lampoon these guys and to say what so many of us would like to say - but just don’t have 2 million people listening to us.

Way to go guys – keep the heat on!

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