Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Justin Bieber’s Baby Drama is OVER – Mariah Yeater Drops Her Lawsuit and Goes into Hiding

Justin Bieber and his Accuser Mariah Yeater

The Justin Bieber pregnancy baby momma drama appears to be over!

Yesterday, Bieber’s legal team headed by famous lawyer Howard Weitzman said they were notified that Mariah Yeater has dropped her lawsuit against the singer.

In addition, Yeater’s lawyers have withdrawn from the case and say they will no longer represent the accusing baby momma.


As we reported last week, Bieber was planning to return to the United States this week and take a DNA test that he said would prove his innocence.

Bieber’s team was then planning to bring a wrongful and malicious lawsuit against Yeater to set an example for others that may wish to extort Justin with a bogus claim in the future.

We suspect that since the suit has been dropped that Bieber will NOT proceed with any kind of legal action against Yeater and will just let the story fade into the past.

Last week Yeater told The Insider all the dirty sexy details of meeting the singer after a concert and having sex with him in a bathroom at the Staples Center in L.A.

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Justin went public the next day on the TODAY show and told Matt Lauer that he had NEVER met Yeater and the story was just a way to try and get some of his money.

InfoStar’s Take:

Case closed. Let’s move on – there is nothing to see here.

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