Monday, September 5, 2011

Photo - Justin Bieber Gets Gold Grill For His Teeth – Is He a Rapper Now?

Looks like Justin Bieber made good on his word to get a gold grill for his teeth.

Last week Bieber and his pal Sean Kingston were seen with famous mouth jeweler Ben Baller who has fitted some of the most expensive mouths in the World with some of the most expensive bling known to man.

After getting a mold from Bieber’s mouth, Baller took to his studio to craft his finest creation ever – Bieber’s gold mouth grill.

Justin Bieber Getting Molded For Gold Mouth Grill

Shortly after the big reveal Justin took to Instagram for his official unveiling to the world.

It all seems, so.. um, unimpressive.

Justin Bieber's New Gold Mouth Grill

What do you think?

It’s hard to imagine seeing him in an official photo sporting gold teeth.

Baller has previously done work for Michael Jackson and Drake, and says he came out of semi-retirement to work on Bieber and Kingston’s mouth bling.
Baller says,

“I don’t even make grills anymore unless it’s for someone really special - and obviously, this is someone special. So I’m gonna swag it out for the Biebs!”

The new mouth grill is not a permanent fixture and can be taken in and out whenever he wants but somehow we just can’t see Selena Gomez going for this.

Tattoos, earrings, mouth grills, and snakes named Johnson?

Maybe this is just a joke or a segment for Bieber’s new “Punk’d” show?

Justin Bieber’s Punk’d episode with Taylor Swift – Spoiler alert!

Is our little Bieber trying to officially go hip hop rap on us?

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