Friday, September 2, 2011

Justin Bieber’s “Punk’d” Episode with Taylor Swift - Details Leaked – Spoiler Alert!

As we told you last week, the format for Ashton Kutcher’s new revamped Punk’d show on MTV will consist of a different guest host each week.

And to kick off the new season, the first guest host will be none other than teen music sensation Justin Bieber who decided to roll into Los Angeles and punk his friend Taylor Swift.

Filming for the first show went down last week between the two musicians and we have the details of what to expect when the episode airs this Fall.

The Setup:

Bieber called Swift to his Cali beach house under the ruse that he wanted her to collaborate with him in writing a “special” song for his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Swift showed up and the two worked for a bit on the song then took a break and went out on the beach.

Justin wanted to shoot off some fireworks and he pointed them toward the ocean so nothing would get damaged.

The Prank:

Producers had setup a yacht in the water with a fake wedding party onboard including bride, groom and fake minister.

As Bieber fired off the fireworks the crew set fire to the vessel making it look like Bieber’s fireworks were what caused the fire.

Everybody on the boat jumped overboard and swam to shore and approached Justin and Taylor on the beach.

The bride and groom were upset with the two teenage singers and proceeded to yell at them while threatening to file a lawsuit and call police.

The Reveal:

Just at the point it seemed the cops were on their way and everybody was going to jail, Bieber announced that Taylor had been “Punked”.

We are told she did not cry and was not angry but that her response was classic.

Spoiler Alert:

A friend of Swift’s later said,

“I think Taylor halfway expected it. She knew Bieber was talking with MTV about doing a segment and she knows he is a prankster. But I don’t think she knew exactly what was going to happen or how it would go down - she was a bit nervous.”

I guess we’ll just have to tune in to the first episode to see how things really went down.

But don’t expect to see too much of famed prankster Ashton Kutcher onscreen during the show.

Word is he will be working behind the scenes as Executive Producer and rarely be seen on camera after the first few episodes.

Congrats MTV – we’re glad you brought the series back.

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