Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MTV Punk’d Returning with Justin Bieber? Kind of... Here’s The Deal...

Okay Justin Bieber fans – calm down.

Here is the latest scoop on the whole MTV Punk’d, Ashton Kutcher, and JB rumor.

As you know, several months ago MTV started talking to Ashton Kutcher about bringing back his popular Punk’d television show.

Rumor was that he was going to turn over the crown to young Bieber who would become the new host.

Well, things have changed.

In light of Kutcher’s new role on “Two and a Half Men” and Bieb’s South American Tour fast approaching there was no way that Bieber would have been able to participate in an entire season of the show.

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At the end of the day producers decided to revamp the concept of the show and move forward with a new season.

It is TRUE that Bieber is involved with the project but ONLY as the first guest host prankster.

The new season will have a DIFFERENT host each week that will pull a prank on somebody and fill in as that week’s guest host.

Get it? There will be a new guest host and prankster each week.

Bieber was selected as the FIRST shows host and he decided to prank Taylor Swift.

They were both in town for the VMA’s and the plan was put into motion last week when it all went down.

We don’t know exactly what the prank was but we know it was filmed last week and is already in the can.

We don’t know yet when the premier episode will air but we do know that Kutcher will act as one of the Executive Producers for the season and will probably not be seen much on any of the shows.

So, there you have it.

Punk’d is returning and Justin Bieber will guest host the FIRST show only. After that there will be a different host each week.

“Producers wanted to leverage Justin’s popularity to help kick off the new season. So far things are going well and we can’t say anything about future shows yet. In fact, the Bieber thing leaked out – nobody was supposed to know anything about his guest spot or the new season until we were farther along.”

Okay, now we get it.

We always loved the show and were bummed when it was yanked from the schedule. We like the new concept and are sure it will be a hit and can’t wait to see who shows up each week.

Thanks MTV!

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