Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Audio - Justin Bieber Radio Interview – Talks Selena, Past Girlfriends, Charity, and Sports!

Our favorite pop sensation Justin Bieber spontaneously called in to talk to his friend Mike Missanelli on his radio show last Friday.

We have to say, it was one of the most informative interviews we’ve heard from Bieber in a while.

It lasted almost seven minutes and was not just the canned answers we have grown accustomed to from the Biebs.

He talked about how he met Selena Gomez, his old girlfriends, Hockey, and his participation in his charity “Pencils of Promise”.

One thing became clear after the interview – Justin Bieber loves sports!

He also admitted that Jasmine Villegas was his girlfriend when he first met Selena, but did not mention the death threats and stalking problems Villegas has had.

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There was a lot of ground covered in this interview and it was nice to not hear Justin say uh, well you know, yea, it’s like, every 5 seconds.

Bieber is also busy promoting his charity involvement with “Pencils of Promise”, and just announced that the company that produces his fragrance “Someday” has joined forces for the cause.

The campaign is called “Hearts Across the Web” and involves taking a picture of yourself making the heart sign and uploading it to the site to complete the world’s biggest digital chain of human hearts.

If half a million fans respond then “Give Back Bands” will help build 50 schools. You can upload your photo and learn more at the Someday web site here.

Pencils of Promise” was founded by Adam Braun – the brother of JB’s manager Scooter Braun.

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