Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stephen Hawking’s Genius Cat “Atom” Starts a Twitter Account

Stephen Hawking's Cat
Famed theoretical Physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking is known for a lot of things – big things.

He is by far one of the most intelligent individuals to walk the Earth today, and is on par with Albert Einstein for his work in the field of theoretical physics and science.

With three influential books, research in Cosmology at Cambridge, a Ph.D., twelve honorary degrees, and the Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at DAMTP in Cambridge, it is difficult to imagine what his everyday life must be like.

“Stephen in bound to a wheelchair and relies on the help of others for everything he does 24 hours a day. Most people have no idea what is involved in not only his care, but managing his travel and speaking schedules on top of everything else he does.”

What does a great man like Stephen Hawking eat for breakfast? What does he read when he wants to relax? What is his favorite color? - assuming “color” actually exists.

Well, now we can find out from “Atom”.

That’s right – Atom the cat.

Stephen Hawking
Atom may not be as smart as Dr. Hawking, and certainly is a bit more irreverent, but Atom plans to share tales of Physics, the universe, religion, string theory, relativity, and anything else he wants on his new twitter account.


Yes, Stephen Hawking’s cat Atom has a twitter account.

You can follow Atom at @HawkingsCat

Even though Dr. Hawking seems to think God was not necessary to create our universe, Atom tends to think He was.

Not wanting to offend his owner and risk being sent to the Humane Society, Atom decided to start a twitter account to share his views, humor, and insight into his life of being the world’s smartest man’s pet.

Atom says,

“There are just some things I wanted to get off my chest. I love Stephen but I think he may be a little misguided in some of his reasoning behind not needing GOD in the universe. I created my twitter account so I could express my views in a forum where I am free to be who I am – just a dumb cat who thinks God should have a place in every scientist’s laboratory.”

Atom says his twitter account is going to focus on humor and clever insight about Dr. Hawking and the universe with an occasional tweet about his views on religion.

“I don’t want to overdo the religious stuff. I’m just a cat, and most people already believe in God so I’m just going to occasionally point out a few things that force us as humans to confront the concept of God in our universe every day.”

We think this is the cleverest thing we have ever seen and a perfect example of how social media can have an impact on a multitude of people.

We can’t wait to hear what Atom has to say about multiple universes and string theory!

You can follow Atom on twitter at @HawkingsCat

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