Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Christiana – A New York Singer You Should Get to Know – Video

Every now and then we run across a new artist or singer that really impresses us.

We found Christiana from her Facebook page and YouTube channel and are wondering why more people have not picked up on her distinctive style and unique talent.

She hails from New York and has spent a lifetime singing, dancing, and learning how to act - and has an impressive number of professionally done studio videos of her music.

Christiana is the Granddaughter of a famous Opera singer and you can tell by her fashion and musical dexterity that the glamor and style has transcended down through the generations.

The thing we liked most was her throwback to the classic vintage style of music. You know - music that you can actually listen to, enjoy, and understand the words.

Christiana names Judy Garland, Celine Dion, and Queen as her big musical influences – and we definitely see that as young and beautiful as she is, she sports an old soul when it comes to her music.

She almost comes across as a Marilyn Monroe meets Madonna old-fashioned style, but a few of her photos and music videos actually have a slight Lady Gaga look and feel – and we mean that in a good way.

Christiana is very elegant and sophisticated, and clearly does not need a meat dress, plastic egg, shoulder horns, or bizarre costume to express her mood.

She seems very comfortable in her own skin, and this is most evident in her video “Being Alive”.

With a sound somewhere between classical Madonna and Celine, it is a great example of her musical range and emotion she puts into her music.

Watch Christiana perform "Being Alive"

In another song titled “Werewolf”, Christiana shows how effortlessly she can belt out the power notes.

In every song we listened to we could always hear a blend of styles – sometimes pop, sometimes romantic, sometimes musical Broadway, other times more vintage old school.

It is refreshing to find an artist who seems to be all about the music and not the fame, costumes, paparazzi, TV appearances, World tours, tabloid stories, and meat dresses.

Christiana seems like one of those artists that could really outshine her competition if given the right opportunity, producer, studio exposure, and set list.

Perhaps the world is not quite ready to return to the days when music was music and Hollywood was Hollywood.

But someday, we will all wake up and realize that Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Kanye, and others were just an output function of a massive marketing scheme designed more to make money than actually entertain us.

Christiana is a classic musical entertainer.

Yes, someday we will once again stir our inner desire to simply listen to and enjoy music for what it is meant to be – music.

Good luck Christiana, we hope you get your big break and are given the opportunity to express yourself to the world in the way you so clearly are prepared for.

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