Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Will Ferrell Brings His Razor and Fury to Shave Conan's Beard - Video

The Beardpocalypse is upon us, friends.

After weeks of threats and taunts, Will Ferrell finally visited Conon O’Brien last night to make good on his threat of shaving his beard.

In what producers had dubbed “The Beardpocalypse”, Team Coco had been heavily promoting the May 2nd show and had everything prepared for Ferrell when he arrived.

They even had vintage 1970’s Playboy Magazines and a barber pole. Ferrell quipped, “You want find anything shaved in there my friend!”

Ferrell also primed himself by drinking the “Blue Liquid” in the comb jar before commencing with the shaving of Conan’s beard.

But it turns out that Will is not a very good barber, so a professional was called in to finish the job.

Watch Will Ferrell Shave Conan’s Beard

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