Monday, May 2, 2011

Original ‘Survivor’ and ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Star Richard Hatch Begins Prison Sentence – Again!

We all fell in love with Richard Hatch.

He ran around naked and won the crown on the first season of Survivor.

He drove everybody nuts with his smug personality on Celebrity apprentice.

And today Hatch begins serving his 9 month prison sentence in Brooklyn New York for trying to swindle the IRS out of taxes on his $1 Million Survivor winnings.

A judge is punishing Hatch for still not paying taxes he owes on the $1 million prize, plus thousands more from media appearances he earned starting in 2000 as the very first winner of CBS' hit reality show.

Hatch says he still owes approximately $2 million in taxes and penalties.

Hatch has already served more than three years behind bars for tax evasion. He was released in 2009, vowing that "whatever is owed, I will pay," but describing himself as "financially devastated and broke."

After being fired by Donald Trump earlier this season, Hatch took to Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to raise $300,000 from his fans to continue his legal appeals.

But time ran out.

Hatch checked himself into to jail on April 29 and will be released on December 12th next year.

Finally, some news out of Celebrity Apprentice that has NOTHING to do with Donald Trump, Meat Loaf, or Gary Busey.

Watch Richard Hatch Talk About His Tax Probelms

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