Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Video - Nicki Minaj Releases New Music Video for “Did It On Em”

The music career of pop singer Nicki Minaj seems to be on an upward trajectory.

After being discovered by Lil Wayne and getting a record deal with Young Money Entertainment, she released three hit singles – “Playtime Is Over” in 2007, “Sucka Free” in 2008, and “Beam Me Up Scotty” in 2009.

Now Minaj, whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraj, is already planning her summer tour with the infamous Britney Spears.

Her 2010 album “Pink Friday” has already gone platinum, and was the first artist to ever have 7 songs on the Billboard 100 at the same time.

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Now she has released her official music video for “Did It On Em”. And it is a bit of a mind blower.

Nicki raps about taking a s*hit on her enemies, and at one point says if she had a d*ick she would pull it out and piss on them also – all while wielding a strap-on dildo.

Interesting to say the least….

Watch Nicki Minaj Music Video “Did It On Em”

After release the video Nicki told her fans,

"Just a way of saying thank u. I love u guys. Thank u for coming out. U guys gave me LIFE on the 'I am still music' Tour. xo4Life."

Minaj has become somewhat of a controversial artist and her sexuality has been called into question by several reporters.

While not admitting to being gay or bisexual, she told “Out” Magazine,

“I do not date or have sex with women, I don’t date men either. I just embrace all people of all lifestyles and I don’t tell them they are bad people. And I say girls are beautiful and girls are sexy and they need to be told that, and if they don’t have anyone to tell them that and mean it, I’m going tell them that. But I feel like people always want to define me and I don’t want to be defined."

Minaj has won several BET Music Awards and been nominated for a “Teen Choice Award”, “MTV Music Award”, and a Grammy Award for best rap duo.

Watch Nicki’s Interview with Out Magazine

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