Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Video – Justin Timberlake Slams Justin Bieber in Unaired SNL Skit

We all laughed at Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg last week on Saturday Night Live.

But there was one sketch that never saw the light of day.

During a dress rehearsal for a “Mozart” sketch, in front of an audience of 300, Timberlake took a few shots at teen sensation Justin Bieber.

The plot of the skit was that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was going to take a break from his music career to become an actor. His friends scoffed at the idea asking,

“You’re nor one of those musicians who think they can act are you?”

After mentioning that he had already been in a movie about a “Social Network” and appeared on the “Austrian Mouse Club”, his friends told him they would rather go to work for “Wolfgang Amadeus Bieber”.

At this point, Timberlake says,

“Amadeus Bieber? You might as well put a wig on a chipmunk and tell him to act like a black man.”

The audience erupted in laughs.

The jabs seem to be aimed at Bieber’s guest role on the popular “CSI” crime show where the singer was ultimately gunned down, and his concert movie “Never Say Never” that Justin said would not be a concert movie….. but was.

But we think Bieber could have taken the jabs, as he himself has hosted and performed on the show several times.

We suspect the skit was pulled at the last minute in order to stop the media outcry for using the word “black man”.

Hollywood can be a fickle place.

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