Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Justin Bieber Brings Bully Victim Casey Heynes on Stage During Concert – Video

Being bullied himself is something Justin Bieber has talked about before.

In fact last week he was pelted with eggs at one of his shows.

And last year he had a run in with a bully during a paint ball outing where the police were called.

Bieber says he was also bullied in school because he was good at sports and his classmates hated him for it.

But last night during his concert in Melbourne Australia, Bieber brought bully victim Casey Heynes on stage to thank him for standing up to his aggressor and for showing courage during the press fiasco that followed.

For those of you who don’t remember Casey, he became an overnight celebrity last month when a YouTube video surfaced of him body slamming his young attacker to the ground.

When we first heard that Bieber was going to have Heynes on stage we thought it was a nice gesture. But we had no idea of the effort the singer’s management team and Channel 9 put into the making it all happen.

The following video is an interview with Channel 9 Network’s “Current Affair” where both Casey and Bieber are interviewed by Ben McCormack.

It’s amazing to see a young celebrity focus so much attention on a subject when he could just as easily do his show and move on to the next city – injured back and all.

Watch Justin Bieber and Casey Heynes Interview and stage appearance

We suspect that this is why Bieber has become such an inspiration to teenagers around the world. Here is a kid who is not afraid to hang out his own dirty laundry in an effort to change the global perspective on issues.

After all, at one point or another we have all been bullied and decided to look the other way. I can only imagine what I would have done as a teenager if I had a stadium of 20,000 screaming fans as a platform to air my problems.

Maybe this kid really is smarter then we adults give him credit for.

Way to go Justin – this is why they love you.

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