Saturday, April 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen’s First Live Show BOMBS Big Time – Crowd Boos Through Entire Show. Review

Well, we all new that Charlie Sheen was coming to a theater near us soon, but we had no idea of what he was going to do – or say.
Now we do - and it was bad. Really bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Sheen kicked off his “Violent Torpedo of Truth – Defeat is Not an Option” live show Sunday night in Detroit, and even though he had said tickets had sold out in just minutes there were a lot of empty seats.

It seems half the tickets went to people wanting to see the live train wreck and the other half went to media outlets who wanted to cover the crash and resulting carnage.

The show started late, and with some unknown comedian telling very unfunny jokes. The crowd starts to boo. The jokes get worse until Sheen comes onstage to appease the audience. He says he will be back and the bad jokes continue. The booing gets louder and louder until the guy leaves the stage.

At one point he told some guy in the audience, "I already got your money dude"

This is bad, very very bad.

There was music by Snoop Dogg, there was a parade of Goddesses, there was smoke, there was music, and there was Charlie…. alone, in front of thousands of people who suddenly realized he had very little to say but waited for something to laugh at. Was this supposed to be a comedy?

He asked how many people had tried crack cocaine. Everybody started to boo.

Not only did the show start late, but there was absolutely no organization to anything. At one point he started playing an old Johnny Depp movie. The crowd started to boo even loader.

Nobody seemed to understand a word Sheen was saying. People were actually getting up and walking out.

Sheen seemed to just ramble on about, well, whatever he has been rambling on about the last two months; Warlocks, Vatican assassins, tiger blood, winning, trolls, and cocaine.

“Is anybody else as confused by this shit as I am? I wrote every word! They took my awesome children… They took my sometimes bitchin job… And when they thought there was nothing left, they tried to take my titanium heart and brain and spine. But they could not.”

It’s all gibberish. Once again the crowd starts to boo. This show was a train wreck.

One un-fan noted,

“Once the crowed realized there was not going to be anything to laugh at – they turned. People were booing and yelling and it was hard to actually hear what was going on”.

Even Ticketmaster was suspect of Sheen’s power to attract and hold a crowd by not offering refunds if future shows were cancelled.

This can’t go on like this in every city. This show is done if this is what his plans are.

Good night Charlie Sheen. We gave you a chance to redeem yourself and you blew it.

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