Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bad Day for Harry Potter Cast Mates Rupert Grint and Emma Watson – Is That a Bong?

It’s been an exciting week for Harry Potter cast mates Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.

But with some amazing wizardry by the expert public relations of the dark arts staff – even the ugliest of things can again be made beautiful.

Yesterday, an internet photo appeared that supposedly shows Harry Potter’s Ron Weasley hitting a bong.

We suspected it was a fake – but a good fake.

It is indeed a fake. Grint’s publicist responded by saying,

"This is categorically NOT Rupert Grint - It is an impersonator, a lookalike."

Grint’s people are also upset with Perez Hilton for first showing the picture and suggesting it was Rupert.

And fellow Potter cast mate Emma Watson also had her share of bad press when reports surfaced that she had been taunted and bullied into leaving Brown University.

Rumors swirled of fellow students saying things like “Three points for Gryffindor” when she answered a question, or crying out “Oh Harry!” when she walked into a room.

Reports were that Watson had started to fear for her personal safety and decided to change colleges.

Not True. Apparently the change of venue had been planned for quite some time and her rep says,

"Emma has enjoyed her time at Brown tremendously and made many friends there who she keeps in constant contact with. She has now decided to change universities, but not for the bullying, as that is just completely untrue.

She has just decided to continue with a different course. But, for reasons of security I am not prepared to divulge which university she will be attending."

Okay, so everything is settled and peace has once again been restored to the Muggle world. We can move on.

But did you hear about Daniel Radcliffe getting naked with a horse in some Broadway show?

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