Sunday, March 6, 2011

Watch Charlie Sheen’s Ustream Webcast Meltdown Video

For television viewers who have tired of the usual Saturday night TV fodder there is a new hope.

Uber winner Charlie Sheen took to the internet last night in his first Ustream webcast that is sure to have people talking for days.

World, welcome to Sheen’s Korner!

The webcast started with Charlie showing his new “Winning” tattoo, complete with sound effects of farts, car crashes, and screaming women. Sheen also sported a black t-shirt with a big green dollar sign.

It was the clearest example yet of an utterly disorganized person who THINKS they are in complete control and winning.

Sheen ran out of material early and the show appeared to be a huge improvisational skit highlighting Sheen’s new vocabulary.

Really? This is how he ends up after being in the business for thirty years? Sitting with his friends in his den putting on a Ustream show?

Judge for yourself:

Watch Charlie’s Korner Webcast on Ustream

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