Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Donald Trump is a Political Douchebag – You’re Fired!

Every now and then there are people who I wish would just go away. Today, Donald Trump is that person. Why?

The Donald has now thrown his hat, or bad hair, into the ring for the 2012 Presidential campaign.


Trump running for President? Donald, please don’t ask Gary Busey to be your running mate or Joan Rivers to be your Secretary of State.

First off, the only political experience he has is dealing with other politicians in the New York and New Jersey commercial building, golf course, and casino business. Okay, so he knows how to pay people off and likes golf.

He also knows how to get D-list celebrities to make pizza, sell wedding dresses, and plug product placement deals on his show “Celebrity Apprentice”. But that type of extreme leadership pales in comparison to what it takes to be president.

And last week on “The View” he went on and on about how Barack Obama should just “step up” and produce a copy of his birth certificate. Oh no… another birther. I thought we had settled that a long time ago.

In a masterful attempt to “show how easy it was”, Donald produced for the media what he said was a copy of his own birth certificate. But there was only one problem.

What he actually produced was just an unofficial hospital birthing record – NOT his official birth certificate. That’s kind of embarrassing.

Trump even accused the Governor of Hawaii of a cover-up regarding the issue, and the Governor shot back calling Trump “a fool”.

Of course we all know that Trump could never really get elected, and I hope that deep down Donald himself realizes that – but I’m not so sure.

After all, four years in Washington would put a serious crimp in his television production schedule. He even told reporters that he couldn’t say anything about running until production on “Celebrity Apprentice” was over. Really?

Donald – there are too many real problems in this world for you to be wasting our time with some type of selfless promotion regarding running for president. You know you have zero chance of winning so please step aside and let the real contenders battle this out. In times like this I really miss Keith Olbermann’s “Worst person in the world” segment.

But Donald, since you seem to understand only one thing besides money, I will make this very easy for you to process…

Donald, you’re fired.

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