Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Justin Bieber Cover and Interview for Rolling Stone

Justin Bieber is everywhere these days. Now out with a hit movie “Never Say Never 3D” and ready to jet to Europe for his international concert tour leg, he still found the time to cover for Rolling Stone.

The cover picture is classic Rolling Stone and Bieber’s interview with Vanessa Grigoriadis is own of the more interesting.

It starts with Bieber driving Grigoriadis around Atlanta in his Land Rover while talking about his movie, concert tour, sex, dating, puberty and life in general.

The big news for Justin’s millions of fans is that at one point he opened his laptop to reveal a background image of him and Selena Gomez on the beach – when he realized the interviewer could see it he quickly closed it.

Another high point is Bieber railing on the United States health care system and current political landscape. This does not seem to be that adorable little boy sitting on his stool playing guitar anymore, but rather the making of a new mature image – the Land Rover helps.

Look for the digital version and print copy out on February 18th. There is also a short video of Justin doing his photo shoot. Check it out at Rolling Stone Bieber 2011.

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