Thursday, January 27, 2011

Charlie Sheen Rushed To Hospital with Abdominal Pain

Poor Uncle Charley, he just can’t catch a break. Once again, Charlie Sheen has been injured while mixing alcohol and hookers.

Sheen, 45, who plays the role of Uncle Charley on the CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men”, was rushed to Cedars Sinai hospital this morning at 7:00am.

Authorities responded to a 911 call indicating Sheen was suffering from severe abdominal pains and was transported the actor by ambulance.

But as details emerged, it appears that Sheen was again in the company of multiple women and lots of booze.

Twenty two year old porn star Kacey Jordan was one of the party goers. Apparently, Sheen had been trying to find and meet Jordan for over a year and had called her and invited her to his mansion.

Jordan told reporters there were already four other women at Sheen’s house when she arrived and he had wine stains on his shirt. Party on Charlie!

Neighbors told TMZ that Charlie had a party last night, and they heard women inside the house singing Red Hot Chili Peppers songs. The party went on for hours, loudly, and was apparently still in progress at 7:00 am this morning.

“Two and a Half Men” is not taping this week so he is off the hook, no hookers were beat up or bloodied, no jewelry was stolen, and the cops didn’t take anyone to jail.

So all in all, it sounds like a pretty normal day for Sheen.

News is leaking out that during Charlie’s 36 hour bender with booze and porn stars that someone delivered a custom briefcase with “several bricks” of cocaine.

A source from inside the house says Sheen immediately started doing coke – this was late Tuesday night.

No official word yet from Sheen’s shop or the hospital.

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