Friday, December 17, 2010

It’s Official: Justin Bieber Is a Brat

We have been hearing it for a while now… “Justin Bieber is a spoiled brat”.

Yes, the sixteen year old teen sensation appears to be turning into somewhat of a diva and a practical joke lover. But reports are surfacing that says Bieber’s joking has started to go too far and many staffers are beginning to avoid the singer fearing they will be his next victim.

A BBC radio host mentioned the Bieb specifically when asked who his worst celebrity interview was. Another story broke that says Bieber told a television staffer to never fu***ing touch him again. Another prank backfired when Justin pushed a friend of his into a swimming pool not realizing the guy had his passport, phone, wallet, and expensive suit on him.

Earlier this summer he was almost arrested at a venue because he threw water balloons at a cop.

At other times the joking turns into bursts of total disrespect for someone as if, “I’m Justin Bieber and I can do anything I want and say anything I want.”

Others close to the singer say Justin’s mother, Patti, is growing concerned Bieber is growing up too fast, in an out of control celebrity frenzy, and that it has started to go to his head.

What did you expect?

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