Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Charlie Sheen Back For More "Two And A Half Men"

Hollywood negotiations can get ugly. But yesterday CBS announced they had reached an agreement with Charlie Sheen to bring his hit sitcom back for two more seasons.

Insiders say negotiations have been going on for weeks, with Sheen wanting two million dollars per episode of "Two and a half men," and CBS wanting, well, much less.

It appears the two parties have come to an agreement, though nobody seems to know for sure what the final amount was. Speculation was a deal would be reached at the last minute because Wednesday starts the networks "Up-fronts" and CBS had to have some kind of deal in place for its affiliates and big advertisers.

But some say Sheen told friends that he wanted out after seven years because he had grown tired of the daily work demands and production schedules, and said he wanted to focus on movies. Charlie is starring in the upcoming sequel "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps".

Now Uncle Charley can put these pesky television contracts behind him and focus on his felony wife beating case out of Colorado scheduled to start in June.

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