Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sons Of Sylvia - You already know them! (Video)

When the band "Sons Of Sylvia" took the stage on last nights "American Idol" I knew they looked familiar. All it took was seeing the way the mandolin player stood while he played.

Where had I seen this group before?

Then it hit me. These guys are the "Clark Brothers" from the Idol knockoff "Next Great American Band" broadcast in 2007. The sound was the same, their hair may be a bit shorter, but the style and sound was all there.

It seems that after the win on "American Band" they briefly signed a record deal but were later plucked by Carrie Underwood to perform on a track for her new album. Underwood later asked the brothers to front them on her 2010 road tour.

In October 2009, the brothers Ashley, Austin and Adam Clark were signed by "Interscope/19 Entertainment" for a record and management deal and emerged as "Sons of Sylvia". Yes, their mothers name is Sylvia and their father is a preacher.

Wait a minute, 19 Entertainment?

That's the big production company behind the "American Idol" franchise. Now it made sense how they ended up on Idol next to "Rascal Flatts" and "Shakira". It seems Hollywood may be a smaller world then anyone ever imagined.

Brother Austin summed it up well:

"I can't believe it's happening. It feels like a childhood dream as far as start a band, get a record out and being on tour. All of this is actually happening. I wake up every day baffled."

The brothers have a new and impressive website at "Sons Of Sylvia" and their first album "Revelation" that was just released on April 27.

The brothers may have blossomed into a hit rock band, but they will always be "The Clark Brothers" to me.

Watch Video Of "Sons Of Sylvia" On "American Idol"


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