Friday, April 23, 2010

Bret Michaels In ICU With Subarachnoid Brain Hemorrhage

"Celebrity Apprentice" bad boy and rock band "Poison" lead singer Bret Michaels was admitted to the hospital, and later the intensive care unit, on Thursday night.

Michaels had been complaining of an excruciating headache and after scans, tests, and an angiogram was told he had suffered from a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage.

This condition is caused from bleeding near the base of the brain stem.

Bret is currently in critical condition.

Michaels, 47, had just undergone an emergency appendectomy in early April and was reported to be recovering nicely.

Michaels is also diabetic.

Friday Update: Bret Michaels is awake, in good spirits and talking to doctors…

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