Monday, February 8, 2010

Free Dockers Pants Commercial A Smash Hit During Super Bowl

Now that the dust has settled and everybody has had a chance to analyze Sunday's Super Bowl commercials, it looks like there is a clear winner.

Pants maker Dockers and their spot.

Targeting a mans right to wonder around with no pants, and giving him the liberation to shop for what "he" wants, and throwing in a chance for a free pair of pants seemed to be this years winning combination.

Levi's has announced they are giving away thousands of free Dockers pants to customers who visit their website and enter a contest. You can enter here:

Levi's has long used their Dockers brand to change the way casual clothing has been marketed to men. Dockers ushered in the popular "casual Friday's" trend during the 1980's. Knowing that women frequently shop with/for men for pants, the company has reached out to men in an attempt to restore their pride and manhood with the slogan:

"Calling all men, it's time to wear the pants."

Several spots were profiled during the Super Bowl game but the following commercial video was one of the best…. Go men!

Watch The Free Pants Super Bowl Commercial


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