Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rip Torn Arrested For Bank Robbery

Funny man Rip Torn, 78, was arrested for breaking into a Connecticut bank on Friday night.

According to police reports, the actor/comedian was found inside the Litchfield Bancorp building, clearly intoxicated and waving a loaded revolver.

Torn, who appeared on 30 Rock, Men In Black, Bee Movie, and a host of other comedies, was arrested and held on $100,000 bond.

Cops say Torn was charged with carrying a pistol without a permit, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, first-degree burglary, first-degree criminal trespass and third-degree criminal mischief.

He has two previous DUI arrests, is on probation in Connecticut, and has attended numerous court ordered alcohol education programs.

Torn's real name is Elmore Rual Torn, Jr, and was currently in production on "Cat Tales" due in theaters later in 2010.

The animated comedy has Torn lending his voice to Sampson, in this story of a cat named Rover, who has been raised as a dog in Dogtown, by accident. Rover travels to Catopolis to find where he really came from and find his roots.

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