Saturday, September 20, 2008

Travis Barker, DJ AM Badly Injured in Plane Crash - Four Others Dead - Photo

Prior "Blink 182" musician and drummer Travis Barker and DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) are the only survivors of plane crash involving a Learjet in South Carolina.

The plane crash killed all four others on board.

Barker and DJ AM were listed in critical condition as of Saturday afternoon.

Sources say us Travis Barker and DJ AM saved their own lives after their plane crashed by jumping out the door of the burning plane, almost immediately after the small jet came to a halt.

Barker, 32, and Goldstein, 35, were rushed to the Joseph Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia, according to hospital spokeswoman Beth Frits. She confirmed that AM and Barker were transported to a hospital in Columbia, following the crash. They were then transferred, AM by helicopter and Travis Barker by ambulance, to the Still Burn Center soon after.

The Lexington County Deputy Coroner has identified three of the four victims who died as pilot Sarah Lemmon, 31, of Anaheim, California; co-pilot, James Bland, 52, of Carlsbad, California; and Travis Barker's personal assistant, Chris "Little Chris" Baker, 29, of Studio City California.

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson said the jet was taking off at 11:53 p.m. Friday night when air traffic controllers saw sparks coming from the Lear Jet. She says the plane ran off the runway and crashed by a nearby road. The plane, a Lear 60, was taking the drummer to Van Nuys, California.

According to an Associated Press report, Barker and Goldstein played a free concert together, as TRVSDJ-AM, in Columbia on Friday night.

One witness, William Owens was driving down Highway 302 when he said he saw a fireball go across the road.

"I didn't know what I had seen -- it was maybe 800 feet in front of me, but as I approached it closer though I made out a fire. By then I was able to see the tail of the jet and I recognized it as a jet," Owens said.

The National Transportation Safety Board has scheduled a press conference for 11:30 a.m., and it is expected more details about the accident will be revealed at that time.

Barker had just completed work on a documentary film called "Concrete Jungle", scheduled to debut in January 2009. Set in the 1970's, where on opposite sides of the city and opposite sides of the country, two separate yet equally dynamic new art forms were emerging. Both possessed a rebellious spirit and quickly evolved into movements that have become a global phenomenon and the creative voice of a generation. Hip Hop and Skateboarding were born.

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