Thursday, October 17, 2013

PHOTO – Singer Austin Mahone Rushed to Hospital – Cancels Tour

Austin Mahone Hospital Cancels Tour
Austin Mahone Cancels Tour
UPDATE: The L.A. Times is reporting that Austin is being treated for a blood clot and extreme inflammation in his throat.
Mahone is also suffering from severe dehydration and exhaustion.

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Teen sensation and “What About Love” singer Austin Mahone had some bad news for his fans today.

It seems Austin has taken ill and was rushed to a Miami hospital Thursday morning and by late afternoon had announced he was cancelling his upcoming MTV Artists to Watch Headline Tour scheduled to start today.

Mahone had tweeted earlier in the week that he was not feeling well saying,

“Mahomies I’m so so so sorry but I have to reschedule the shows tomorrow in Miami and in Orlando. I can’t believe this is happening it’s my first tour I’m so upset. I feel like I’m letting you all down. Its Doctor’s orders I have a bad flu 103 fever and I can’t move. If I could go I would”

Mahone originally postponed just two shows but after being admitted to the hospital the entire tour was cancelled. He also posted the following hospital photos on his Instagram account.

Austin Mahone in his Hospital room before cancelling his tour
Austin Mahone in his Hospital room before cancelling his tour

A sick Austin Mahone in a Miami Hospital room
A sick Austin Mahone in a Miami Hospital room

Mahone's mom Michele took over his twitter account later in the day to say,

Austin’s fans immediately took to twitter and trended #PrayForAustin and sent their get well wishes to the singer.

By Thursday night Austin Mahone's official website had released a statement confirming the tour had been cancelled.

For a kid who usually has more energy than 10 kids his age we have to admit he looks pretty bad in that hospital room!

Get well soon Austin Mahone and we’ll see you on the road!

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  1. I Hope You Feel Better Soon AustIn Mahone And I MISS You And I Love You So Much MahonMIes


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