Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PHOTO - Justin Bieber Gets New “Eyeball” Tattoo Dedicated to His Mother!

Justin Bieber giving Bang Bang a tattoo
Justin Bieber giving Bang Bang a tattoo

To be honest, we have kind of lost track of pop singer Justin Bieber’s tattoo collection. We think he is up to about 15 at this point, but there could be more...

Bieber recently posted a photo of his new tattoo to his Instagram account that shows his new tat and a sketching of his mother's, Pattie Mallette eyeball.

Bieber captioned the new tattoo photo with “Moms always watching!”

Justin Bieber's new "Eyeball" tattoo Photo
Justin Bieber's new "Eyeball" tattoo
Justin Bieber and his new Eyeball tattoo with Bang Bang
Justin Bieber and his new Eyeball tattoo with Bang Bang

Bieber's new tattoo is on the inside of his left arm.

In the photo you can also see another new tattoo of Justin’s – his King Arthur “Knight” tattoo that shows a Knight in armor trying to pull his sword out of a stone.

Bieber’s recent tattoo was done by artist Bang Bang based on a photo Justin showed him.

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One thing Bang Bang always does is ask his clients to add a little “ink” to his own body and the following photo shows Justin adding his little piece of art to Bang Bang’s body.

Justin Bieber giving Bang Bang a new tattoo
Justin Bieber giving his tattoo artist a new tattoo

There is no telling where Bieber will stop with the tattoos but it seems he is determined to cover as much of his body as possible and the frequency of his new art has accelerated over the last six months.

More power to you JB!

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