Tuesday, January 8, 2013

PHOTOS - Justin Bieber Gets New Indian Head Tattoo - Has He Gone Too Far?

Justin Bieber New Tattoo 2013
Pop singer Justin Bieber scored a new tattoo last week to help celebrate his New Year!

We’ve almost lost count but we think this new tattoo is number eight.

Bieber is now sporting a new Indian Head tattoo on his back left shoulder blade and word is he got the ink on January 2nd – right after returning from Mexico post breakup with Selena, two days after a photographer was killed trying to get pictures of his Ferrari, and the day after he was photographed smoking weed in a hotel room with Lil Twist.

Bieber's new Indian Head tattoo is a replica of the logo for the Stratford Culliton's Jr. Hockey Team in JB's hometown, and Justin told the tattoo artist that he was was also dedicating his new ink to his grandfather...

Justin Bieber's new Tattoo Indian Head Photo 2013
Justin Bieber's new Indian Head Tattoo
Justin Bieber's New Indian Head Tattoo Photo 2013
Justin Bieber shared his new tattoo via Instagram
Shirtless Justin Bieber with his New Indian Head Tattoo Artist 2013
A shirtless Justin Bieber with his tattoo artist

Bieber also showed off his new tattoo while performing his hit song "Baby" during his recent show at the Energy Solutions Arena in Utah on January 5th. A shirtless Justin Bieber kept turning his back to the audience so his fans could get a glimpse of his new ink.

Fans quickly took to the internet with mixed reactions to Bieber’s new tattoo – some begging the singer to stop before things got out of control, and others supporting his new rebellious attitude.

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We’re not sure where Bieber is going with all his newfound adult activities but this story is sure starting to sound like one we’ve heard before…

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