Saturday, January 5, 2013

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Weed - Is JB a Pot Head?

Justin Bieber Smoking Pot Weed Photos TMZ
Justin Bieber holding a suspected joint while at a party

Justin Bieber has started off the New Year with quite an exciting week.

First, a photographer was killed while trying to take pictures of Bieber’s white Ferrari – claiming he saw the singer smoking pot earlier in the day…

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Of course fans didn’t believe the pot smoking stories… until today.

TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber was seen smoking pot at a big party at a Newport Beach hotel last week. The photos also show several beer bottles and ashtrays – as well as Bieber holding a joint.

Justin Bieber smoking weed pot party high Photos
Justin Bieber accused of smoking a joint at a party
Justin Bieber smoking pot - Photo
Is that a joint in Justin Bieber's hand?
Justin Bieber smoking weed photo
Justin Bieber smoking something while at a party

No to be fair, that joint could just as well be a cigarette of some type but TMZ is running with the pot smoking story and the news is already running wild on the internet.

The photos were taken just two days after the photographer was killed and the rumors about Bieber smoking weed started to surface.

TMZ is also saying that it was rapper Lil Twist and his brother who was rolling the joints and getting everybody high.

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It was also Lil Twist who was driving Bieber’s Ferrari the day the photographer was killed.

Our Take:

Smoke them if you got them! But first get $150 million dollars, fancy cars, and become a worldwide celebrity sensation.

Our Advice:

Always keep the camera guy OUT OF THE ROOM when you choose to do these type of things…

Just sayin…

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