Friday, July 29, 2011

Lady Gaga to Release Book of 350 Photos This Fall

Remember in the 1980’s when Madonna released her controversial book of scandalous photos?

The press condemned the move as a blatant attempt to use sex to sell a book of photos, and book stores around the country covered it with black plastic that only increased the desire to see what was on the inside.

Classic Madonna marketing.

Now, true to form, Madonna Lady Gaga is following in her footsteps, which seems to be her mode of operation these days.

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Lady Gaga is partnering with famous fashion photographer Terry Richardson to release a book of photos said to contain almost 350 pictures of Queen Gaga herself – in both color and black and white.

“Terry followed her around for almost a year during her Monster Ball tour and the subsequent recording of her ‘Born This Way’ album. He has collected the best of the best photos and they will be displayed throughout the book with comments from Gaga herself.”

The singer also wrote an extended forward to introduce her little monsters to her book smarts and meat dresses.

If this sounds familiar it is – Madonna already did it.

We can only imagine what kind of photos to expect as Ms. Queen Lady has quite an extensive collection of fashion accessories – think meat dress and plastic eggs.

But we do know that Lady Gaga actually has a softer side to her bizarre public persona that she rarely displays.

In fact, last week as a guest judge on “So You Think You Can Dance” she broke down in tears while on camera.

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Releasing a book only seems fitting for the Platinum recording artist and concert touring Queen.

She is the Queen Bee of social media having amassed over 12 million Twitter followers – behind only teen pop sensation Justin Bieber.

And if these Lady Gaga fan tattoos inked by her devoted fans are any indication, then she has definitely penetrated the world’s popular music culture.

She also knows how to push the edge with controversy.

Earlier this month she performed in a wheelchair and mermaid outfit pulled directly from Bette Midler’s bag of tricks from decades ago indicating she may be running out of Madonna tactics to steal.

Time will tell…

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