Thursday, October 16, 2008

SNL Thursday Night Live Debates "Joe The Plumber" - Video

SNL nailed it again with their Thursday Night Live mini-episode. And we learned more about the infamous "Joe the plumber" than we ever wanted to know.

Following SNL tradition, the show started with a skit about the third Presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama. Most of the debate however, revolved around the much talked about "Joe the plumber", and his magical plunger - a reference to a citizen Obama talked about at a rally speech last week.

When asked about their cabinet staff appointments, McCain mentioned he would start an executive level office of plumbing and hire, you guessed it - Joe the plumber.

The weekend update section featured a new sketch called "We Liked It", where Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler talked about the good aspects of the debate. There was also a visit from the McCain rally crazy lady, Jessie Jackson and a spoof about McCain running advertisement inside MRI machines.

But no Tina Fey? No Sarah Palin?

The show was another winner, but leaves little time for the much anticipated guest appearance of real life Sarah Palin. It is rumored we will see her this Saturday.

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  1. Great post and funny. Gave me a laugh in the morning. By the way, here is a website I found that shares all the Gov Sarah Palin dirt and supports Barack Obama!

  2. You are right, this is excellent post. Great funny shoe 4ever but wht Tine Fey is where, she is most funniest woman in this snl episodes. If u find answer then give me a reply...


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