Friday, October 17, 2008

John McCain Returns To David Letterman Show "I Screwed Up" - Video

After canceling an earlier appearance, Senator John McCain finally visited the David Letterman show Thursday night.

At times it was uncomfortable.

David wondered if McCain cancelled because the host was not important enough and asked, "What Happened?" McCain replied, "I screwed up".

After a drilling on why McCain cancelled his last appearance, the two had a discussion about comments made on the campaign trail. The big topic was William Ayres and G. Gordon Liddy. It seems that McCain is pals with Gordon Liddy and has attended a fundraiser hosted by the Watergate felon, and Letterman drilled him about it.

Letterman did a great job of trying to ask McCain about accusations hurled at Barack Obama, but the presidential hopeful sidestepped most of the innuendo.

You be the judge after watching the video.

Watch John McCain Return To David Letterman And Talk Gordon Liddy


1 comment:

  1. It was a good moment for McCain, followed by some bad ones.

    To be balanced, there have been other moments that lend a touch of class to the McCain campaign, but only moments and only a touch.


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