Friday, November 18, 2011

Video - Jimmy Fallon Does Jim Morrison – NAILS IT!

NBC's Jimmy Fallon Does Jim Morrison
Any fan of Jimmy Fallon knows he has does a number of impersonations that are spot on.

Fallon has nailed Charlie Sheen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Meat Loaf, and even Justin Bieber.

But last week Fallon nailed the big one with his impersonation of the Doors front man Jim Morrison - even Jay Leno commented about how good it was.

Fallon did a superb job as Morrison singing the theme song to, of all things - “The Reading Rainbow”.

And yes, that was a SOCK stuffed down his pants to make him look more like…. well, um… you get the picture.

This is why we love late night TV.

Here are some other great Fallon impersonations:

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber
Jimmy Fallon as Bob Dylan
Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young
Jimmy Fallon as Meat Loaf
Jimmy Fallon as Charlie Sheen

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